Dish TV adds '15 Days Free!' Promo Channel

Dish TV adds '15 Days Free!' Promo Channel
Today Dish TV added '15 Days Free!' Promo Channel

[Image: 14c5r94.jpg]

[Image: 2pr74b6.jpg]
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1) 15 DAYS FREE (dishtv) 12595,H,40700 Channel Name("Zyada TV Kum Dam"=>"15 DAYS FREE")
The Promo Channel is moved to Channel No: 893 with Telugu Audio feed and also two different channels (This Promo & DD Sapthagiri) have same LCN

[Image: 2po8etj.jpg]

[Image: 28cod1h.jpg]

[Image: 2u7ukbm.jpg]
Now, it is shifted to Channel No: 887

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