Dish TV have 6 Transponders on Asiasat-5 Satellite.

Breaking NOW : Dish TV have 6 Transponders on Asiasat-5 Satellite.
Dish TV have 6 TPs on Asiasat 5 @ 100.5*East Satelite and currently Dish TV using only 4 Out of 6 TPs (3 MPEG4 DVBS2 TPs + 1 MPEG2 DVBS TP)

While DishTV Using 12 TPs of NSS-6 Satellite but there is no info about SES-8 TPs.

Source: SAI India

[Image: 0uue1fg.jpg]
Great.. so 2 more Transponders r waiting to be activated...
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no kumar bhai they are calculate in the above table for tp in 36 mhz

so dishtv as5 shows as 6 but by calculating as 36mhz tp
but they are using 54mhz so it will be 4

same case with d2h
for as5

6*36= 216


for d2h


so no more tp left for dish in as5
mj dear why no edit button available ?

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