Dish TV started to use new Encryption

DTHHELP Xclusive Dish TV started to use new Encryption
Dish TV has started to use a new ECM RAS/NTL. This is now applied to Star Sports2 channel.

Quote:NTL/ RAS (Remote access system)
UPC (Formerly NTL) have finally launched their new encryption to prevent illegal access to their service. Forums are buzzing with discussions on the latest move by UPC to once and for all eradicate the pirates who use their service for free with the so called “Dodgy Boxes”.

Whether they’ve moved to Nagravision 2 or 3 is so far unclear, but most of the people on the afterdawn forum aren’t holding out much hope for a “fix” to compromise this latest
Found this from the net.
good updates dayag bro,keep it up.This is lovely updates forum to read daily about dth

you are rocking here while other forums fighting to close threads
Good breaking news update Dayag. I hope this stops piracy manes once for all.
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Thanks Brothers.
We can see most Online streams are from Dish TV channels . hope this will stop piracy and provide more securities for dish TV.
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To inform members and to teach [suggest] some one about his given wrong information . actually i was not expecting from that guy who have some good inputs . he might have forgot or unknown about the present Encryption used by Dish TV. Dish TV is using "Conax" not Irdeto. Also Star Sports 2 was in Conax itself .


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