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Breaking NOW : Dish tv HD Diwali Offers - 0% Interest EMI Scheme
Dishtv HD 2016 Diwali Ofers

Diwali Offer
Go- Hi Definition at just Rs.291* per Month With HD Annual Offer
Now Available at 0% Interest EMI Scheme
·         All HD Annual Offers are now available with EMI scheme, i.e if a customer wants he can buy a new HD annual connection under EMI scheme or under regular Annual Offer.
·         Under EMI Scheme, customer will need to make a down payment of Rs.1990 at the time of purchase (same for all HD Annual Offers)- this is the only amount they need to pay at the time of purchase.
·         Rest of the balance offer amount will be paid in 4 easy hassle free EMIs in form of recharge for 4 consecutive months, starting from next 30 days.
·         EMI will be calculated as follows :   EMI calculation logic  [Offer price  – down payment] / 4
Benefits of choosing HD Annual Offer EMI Scheme
v  Easy on Pocket for the customers
v  Down Payment of Rs.1990 only- Making HD more affordable for masses now with lower entry point
v  Hassle Free EMI every 30 days for 4 months
v  0 processing fee
v  No 3rd party is involved. Direct payment of EMI amount inform of recharge in DishTV account
·         Customer will start paying EMI from the next month from the date of activation
·         4 equal instalments per month, for the next 4 months need to be paid by the customer
·         If customers fails to pay any of the instalment then his connection will become de-active for that period till the time EMI is not paid, and the moment EMI is paid, the account will be active again.
·         To ensure uninterrupted viewing- customer needs to pay the exact amount for each EMI and timely EMI
·         If the customer pays all the 4 EMIs then he will get to view the TV for entire 1 year
** Refer the attached deck for detailed explanation
HAPPY CUSTOMERS- more reasons to buy EMI scheme
·         Lock in period of 365 days. i.e. switch off date is fixed for 1 year from the date of activation.
·         No grace charge will be charged for delayed EMI payment
·         EMI scheme available for existing customers looking to upgrade to HD. In this case customer’s needs to pay the annual recharge amount in 4 equal hassle free EMIs’ 

Launch Date- 13th Oct’16 (Morning)


For North users

For South its 283

· For existing HD customers- EMI scheme is also available for recharge, where they need to pay the annual recharge amount in 4 equal hassle free EMIs’

· For existing SD customers- EMI scheme is available only after they have upgraded to HD

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