Diwali Offer-New Promo Channel Added

Breaking FIRST : Diwali Offer-New Promo Channel Added
Dish TV added a new promo channel Diwali Offer on LCN 213.

[Image: ixsqtC2xlnTnI.jpg]

[Image: iD1oLuyCmWjCw.jpg]

[Image: ilWtp5elbiZUm.jpg]

[Image: ih7MPv6Z7ob3t.jpg]

[Image: ibwQlqiJiiGPG3.jpg]

[Image: ibiM0MPspSb3kG.jpg]

[Image: isEoN4J8W9n2u.jpg]

[Image: iblh1eYJlllU9p.jpg]
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  • sriji
Good offers.
(Monday 12-November-2012, 18:14)Amatan Wrote: Good offers.

Regarding South Packs, offer is not available except for South Silver. Should have better, had it been extended to other South Packs too..
Yes and also they could have reduced the monthly rates to entice cable subscribers to switch to Dish tv as there are lot of confusions in Chennai regarding the Cable Stb and its rates.
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This Promo channel is removed today
[Image: wiyx.jpg]

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