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FTA HD channels on AsiaSat-5 (100E)
Some FTA HD Channels from Asiasat-5 (C Band) 100E.

You can get 3 FTA HD channels from AS-5 at the moment. Here are some screenshots.

[Image: IKcSj.jpg]

[Image: bvBjm.jpg]

[Image: 1F4qg.jpg]

[Image: 43V6n.jpg]

[Image: NUjFB.jpg]

[Image: FGB5B.jpg]

[Image: KwhiD.jpg]

[Image: 3Y1ug.jpg]
trace sports quality looks superb. hd in our dths are not good like this
MR.AB your screen shots are crystal clear. Cool.
Thanks to everyone and wish you all the best.
Mr.AB your images are very good. You are rocking and this forum is also rocking. I dont remember how many HD images I saw till now just today itself.

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