First Look: Gemini HD images

First Look: Gemini HD images
Just now Gemini HD is active on sun HD and it is showing gemini HD channel but no pic.. only audio working

pic uploading soon
[Image: n369e9.jpg]
They first started showing logo. Later they will show the picture Big Grin
i heard the audio of program and it was sounding great.. just maybe some testing problem thats why pic didnt come and only logo appeared
I can hear nice qualiyt audio of some program on Gemini tv HD, EPG showing Jai Shri Krishna
hah.. just heard the advertisement Vatika Sad so they are also coming advertisemetns
now video also working

[Image: 245c51i.jpg]
advertisements also

[Image: 2hygev6.jpg]
[Image: j9t4c4.jpg]
awesome Pics thanks Mj.
thanks mj bhai for images, posted here too

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