First Look: Zee tv HD, Zee Cinema HD pictures

Breaking NOW : First Look: Zee tv HD, Zee Cinema HD pictures
VERY GOOD pictures mj bhai.
mj bhai how do you get these kinds of pictures?
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MJ very good pictures. When are they going to come on dth?
Nice screenshots
Very clear screenshots MJ
zee going to rock with their hdAngel
Wow, rocking pics MJ.. Smile
(Wednesday 02-November-2011, 17:48)MJ786 Wrote: First on forum
Images of Zee Tv HD, Zee Cinema HD pictures.

Zee tv HD
[Image: 418q8.jpg]

Zee Cinema HD
[Image: 9s81gl.jpg]

looks good,waiting to see them on my dth hope they add it soon.the advt are teasing
Good pictures and most of us have not seen this channel yet. You are lucky.
yes that was just for a brief moment.. so got them.. dont know what more changes they have done to this channels ... we all are still waiting to see them on DTH,hope on friday everything will be clear.

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