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Breaking NOW : Full Information of ORC Service
(Friday 22-November-2013, 10:29)MJ786 Wrote: The Channels currently are from Viacom 18 and Network 18 group... so u can know which ones you are getting currently.

Its almost the same list provided here in 1st post .

you can email them with VC number and they will themselve reply with the channels which come under this ORC for you.. and if you want those channels to continue just let them know through email itself if one cannot call.

Yes, I will email them.

Actually I need all the channels whether I watch it or not because points system is no use for me.
yes for me i had some 2 chnls which i dont watch at all , and others just simply want to have it i myself dont know when i will watch those

for those 2 channels i can get 200 points which will end up if we order any movie soon
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First Of All I Watch DISH TV Hardly Even Having Royale Pack and Annual Recharge...

Even For Me The Points System Is Useless..

I Will Mail Them Regarding Not To Drop Any Channels From My Pack...
why you are using royale pack instead of world pack then when you cannot watch

its like having life but do not want to live
I send the email today.

Asking them to keep all the channels and not to remove a single channel from my pack under ORC service.

Hope, I will get the confirmation.
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