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Breaking NOW : Guide: Check whether your Openbox is a clone
A short guide detailing how you can check if your Openbox satellite receiver (S9 HD & S10 HD) are clone or genuine.

How to identify clone Ali3602 HD Receiver:

if you have an Ali3602 HD Receiver like S9, S10. There is a method to identify if it is original (quality goods) or clone.

1. Backup up your current firmware

press Menu -> Tool -> Dump by USB

Save your dump file

2. Upgrade to new software.

3. Press Menu -> Tool -> Information (press OK) -> press 8888

If Chip ID is one of these numbers


Congratulations! your HD Receiver is original!!

You can experience and enjoy much more new functions. If your box ID don't match, please upload old firmware again before rebooting max 10 times otherwise, your HD receivers will be killed!!

When you buy a new box, try to view the chip_id_list. If you can not find the valid “CHIP ID” on the chip_id_list, it means your box is a clone box.
check if you can find such things about other STB boxes also and update Smile
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  • sriji
this information will be very useful in the age of clones.
Good information it is needed for many people.
Two more Chip ID's added in the first list.


The updated Chip ID list is as on 09/14/2011.

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