HBO HD launching on 14th Feb

Breaking NOW : HBO HD launching on 14th Feb
(Sunday 07-February-2016, 22:19)Mr.Kumarbhai Wrote:
(Sunday 07-February-2016, 22:04)Nilu334 Wrote:
(Sunday 07-February-2016, 21:02)Mr.Kumarbhai Wrote: Whats the issue for u in uploading pictures here ? what msg u r getting while uploading ? see Adithya Vikram is uploading pictures fine... he is using imgur site for pictures.. even u can use by attachments too...
Thanks kumar sir..
Kumar sir I m using note photos click karta hun to 5 MB ki hoti h aur isse me nai let raha h..

So then either upload to imgur and paste the link or use 1 MP    for taking pictures.... while taking pictures in 1 MP the quality will not reduce  much .. yes effects if u r Printing those pictures... i am always using 1 MP even in my Nikon camera .... the heigher MP takes  heigher mb capacity/space.....
Only quoted the post ?
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Thanks kumar sir...
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U R Welcome ... [Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSWsiqLdWtMi6fo3NbXxAy...x_zKLPbrVW]
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I guess HBO HD won't launch on 14th, still not received name chsnge permission from MIB.

I guess just SD channel would revamp. Fingers Crossed
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