Home channel shifted to 11480 V transponder...

Breaking FIRST : Home channel shifted to 11480 V transponder...
ADTV shifted Home channel to 11480 V transponderr....
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Are u getting signals on this TP sir?
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Yes.... no issues for me ...
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(Thursday 10-March-2016, 05:55)Mr.Kumarbhai Wrote: Yes.... no issues for me ...

In both my stb's, i am getting Error B001 - No Signal on all channels of this tp. Sir, plz check if u r getting signals on ur airtel stb. Check chs like Nat Geo People
My STB is deactive....
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(Thursday 10-March-2016, 05:58)Mr.Kumarbhai Wrote: My STB is deactive....

Check channel no. 99 on ur airtel stb. Plus even in a deactive state u can check signals by going to diagnostics in menu. Even in deactive status if u go to a particular channel then it will show no signal error if there is an issue
U can check urself by connecting ur signal meter itself...
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Just checked in the transponder menu that they have changed their default home tp from SES-7 TP11-1 to SES-7 TP25
How can that make no signals in that perticular TP .. ?All TPs r having signals...
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(Thursday 10-March-2016, 06:14)Mr.Kumarbhai Wrote: U can check urself by connecting ur signal meter itself...

I don't have signal meter sir. I guess u r confusing the earlier statements i made about dish alignment and thinking that i have signal meter. Want to make it clear that whenever i face any issue related to alignment then i tell the concerned service team to bring digital signal meter with them, i myself accompany and help them during alignment to get max signals after that they take the signal meter with them. Why would i keep it?

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