How to put KU lnb in C band scalar ring

How to put KU lnb in C band scalar ring
Dear all members I am showing How to put ku lnb in C band scalar ring.

Using nylon plastic make mold like this.

[Image: sharafscsgmailcom3.jpg]

Cut it into two pieces.
[Image: sharafscsgmailcom4.jpg]
[Image: dsc0017sharafscs1gmailc.jpg]

Fix the two pieces in the ku lnb like this.
[Image: sharafscsgmailcom77.jpg]
[Image: sharafscsgmailcom7.jpg]

Then in this C band scalar ring.
[Image: sharafscsgmailcom8.jpg]
[Image: sharafscsgmailcom10.jpg]

Now ku band lnb is in center of the C band scalar ring.
[Image: sharafscsgmailcom9.jpg]
Fix this in the Dish and catch the satellites, And enjoy.
by sharafscs...
Nice Informative post
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nice experiment to get more satellites Smile
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Thanks for Info. :love:
Thanxxx for all members.
Me too using C Band Dish and Scalar ring for recieving KU band signals.
i have used Irrigation hose pipe Clamp to fix the LNB.Tongue

[Image: p4yITZW.jpg]
[Image: JdUb3Am.jpg]
[Image: hCF0Zc0.jpg]
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