I am not getting Topper channel?

First On WEB : I am not getting Topper channel?
I am not getting topper channel. what I need to do to get this channel?
This channel is available on for Dish Tru HD subscribers.

Which STB you have Normal or HD STB?
I am having dishtv normal stb.
Then you won't get this channels because it is added on AsiaSat 5.

Only Dish Tru HD subscribers who are having Mono block LNB, are getting this channels.
is it possible to get topper tv if i install monoblock lnb.
Yes you can receive the channel if you install Monoblock LNB.
Can I know the price of Monoblock LNB and where will I get.
Even then you cant get as the stb will be locked.
Yes you can get Topper, Worldmovies, Dabang, News24 and test 12 to test25 by using mono block lnb or any other extra lnb..
to get mono block lnb try to contact dishtv distributor , maybe they will sell for 500rs or so
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I thought the stb will be locked and we cant get Sad Thanks for the enlightenment Smile

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