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I*** t and his team are bad parson
I****t, t*****h, b****i and his team are parson, he fight with me and remove me. Sad Sad

I give him Update. He ask member to post against other forum,i post. but he ban me from his forum. He get my Update then remove me.:verysad: Angry Sad
1stly y u have created dup id ? dont u have the guts to come in real ID ? this is one off ur many dup id here.. dont create dup ids ..
BTW Who r they ? Came from heaven ? y u r giving so much importance to those people who r not even deserve to be called as Human ..

If u really wants to share updates then i will allow u to come back.. but surely dont allow here to fight or Spam..
Come on with ur real identity..
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If they are bad person then what good you are coming with some New ID and posting?

If you want to complain or have issues with them then you can come with your real ID there and not duplicate ids and keep on making threads after threads.. When we dont know who you are then what is the use of you shouting? Even they wont know who you are.

Of those 3 mentoined 2 are members of this forum also, and we wont allow such things against any of our members.

If you feel that they did something wrong, then only way to prove them what they did wrong is to come with your real ID and post here and show them. Doing like this and making threads against them here will not bother anyone.

We also will not allow much of these things. If you feel you can do justice against you Ban then show that by way of posting informations and not such threads.
@thread starter bhai who r u nd from where u banned ?
Are u Travel XP Fan/Prateek Marvadi ?

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