IPL HD added on Sun Direct HD on channel 958

IPL HD added on Sun Direct HD on channel 958
As mentioned few mins ago about this addtion.. they have just added IPL HD by removing Telugu HD service on Sun direct HD on channel number 958.

The channel is now moved to channel no.958.

So updated the first post.
any screenshots?
It will run only during Match
Info Channel showing IPL HD free message.

[Image: 15nrfnl.jpg]

[Image: os64r6.jpg]
(Monday 02-April-2012, 22:44)MJ786 Wrote: It will run only during Match

So Mj can you atleast ask any new HD channel will be added from Star network if so i can opt for it
^^.. no they were to add Star Movies HD last year but again put off

currently on IPL HD they are showing this banner with background music..
IPL Opening ceremony tonight 7.30pm onwards

[Image: 9sfhxf.jpg]
why is sun direct not showing the original content of set max hd as the ch is relaying repeat of ipl matches
It is temporary channel.. to which they might have done some agreement only to show LIVE matches.. or only 2012 matches.. we need to see once IPL starts if they will show Highlights

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