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Breaking FIRST : Images of HD channels available on DTH in India
Here are images of HD channels currently provided by DTH operators in INDIA.. more will be added as they keep adding on DTH.

[Image: 5xlwl.jpg]

[Image: 2s6vsih.jpg]

[Image: 20ij5oo.jpg]

[Image: 1570upu.jpg]

[Image: o6b8mu.jpg]

[Image: 24muaf9.jpg]

[Image: a4ts7p.jpg]

[Image: mb6eyb.jpg]

[Image: 2z9ac7b.jpg]

[Image: 2rq1u0j.jpg]

[Image: sy5m69.jpg]

Iconcerts - Available only on Reliance Digital tv

[Image: 35jx8h0.jpg]

Utv Stars - Available in HD only on Dishtv currently

[Image: 24nkydw.jpg]

Espn HD - Available currently on D2H and Reliance Digital TV

[Image: 1zfnbpy.jpg]

History HD - Available in HD only on Dishtv currently

[Image: 34nmmis.jpg]

Angel tv HD - on Cband

[Image: 2whkzlh.jpg]

Star Cricket HD - available on D2h, tatasky hd and reliance digital tv

[Image: qrdrtw.jpg]

Active Music Hd - on Videocon D2H

[Image: qn8nkh.jpg]

Tamil Service HD

[Image: 6ht8cg.jpg]

Telugu Service HD

[Image: so4kmc.jpg]


[Image: 169qotl.jpg]

Colors HD available on Airtel , D2H and Dishtv

[Image: 2mrekk1.jpg]

Cnbc Prime HD available on Airtel HD and Dishtv HD

[Image: 21bky1d.jpg]
Excellent collection Mr.MJ786.

Thanks for sharing.

@MJ786 can you please update the first 3 images, as they are not loading.
good screenshots of hd channels from many dths.
updated thread with the new HD channels
good pictures mj.

(Friday 11-November-2011, 23:08)tsrocks Wrote:
good pictures mj.

now see how many Hd channels your beloved Tatasky is missing
Big Grin
hd channels are there but channels with quality content are very few and those few ts is having. so nothing to miss.
real quality content is there on Infotainment channels like History hd, ngc wild hd, adv hd , travel xp hd.. and not on saas bahu serials in HD or some old 90s movies in HD.
history channel shows 100 years old videos. what is the use with hd for them?
please update: History TV18 is also available on ADTV.

(Friday 11-November-2011, 23:22)tsrocks Wrote:
history channel shows 100 years old videos. what is the use with hd for them?

if you haven't seen the channel don't comment,this channel is also showing new shows form the discovery networks such as swamp brothers.

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