Images of NDTV Profit Free to air on Tatasky

Breaking NOW : Images of NDTV Profit Free to air on Tatasky
Images of Ndtv Profit channel running Free to Air (FTA ) on Insat 4a at 83 east.. Tatasky frequency 11090 H 30000

[Image: 2im5ezs.jpg]

[Image: wjtnoz.jpg]

[Image: 21j59o2.jpg]
Nice information Smile After your post other forum expert s****** checks it and post as if he discovered this as free on that satellite
Big Grin Big Grin
ha ha yes.. No one will know this channel is FTA until they check it manually as there is no change in sat parameter during scan that they can find it easily that it is FTA.. so it is 100% sure that he read here or someone asked him to check and post there.. If it was to be found in scan then it would have been right as everyone can find it.. but out of 300+ channels to find just 1 channel being FTA is not logical for him to simply post as if he found.
Mj bhai maybe this channel is free since many days but no one know until you now they will check here and post in other forums
surprising is bhat did not post but shubham posted.Big Grin
Many members are well frogs and don't know who posted what news first. Instead of thanking MJ they are thanking the copy cats.

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