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First On WEB : Is ADTV HD STB's are now Recording ready?
I wonder is ADTV HD is now recording ready? In the past, (or a week back) it was showing a message "Service to be launched shortly... bla bla". But today, when i connected my external 500gb hdd it showed a messages reads as "Recorder functionality not enabled. please contact cc to resolve the issue"..

So i wonder does this function is already launched for ADTV HD users? Two weeks back i tried to contact Customer care to enable the recording top-up, but they declined the request saying its available only for HD Recorder users.. Sad Tried also, sending a mail to them, the same response, its avaialble only for hd recorder users..

Now whats the update? Now the STB is showing a different message, so does this mean its active now? Can we utilize this function? if so, how can we activate it??

Expect a solution from our experts.. Regards.

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