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Breaking FIRST : Jaya channels added in the south base packs.
[Image: zHpfM1W.jpg]
But there is a footnote that until sept 17th the channels would be in all base packs.
These Jaya channels left Videocon D2H last month?
(Friday 05-September-2014, 11:03)Amatan Wrote: These Jaya channels left Videocon D2H last month?

removed from all base packs from 7th july and was available only on ala carte at rs.6 per channel.
Channel would be available only for TN viewers on base packs from 17th sept and others have to subscribe only as ala carte.
Why Jaya TV gone mad? Non Tamil never going to take this channel. So what is their loss if it is shown freely atleast it will be good to tell that they have xxx number of viewers.

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