Just SMS to Refresh your Dishtv VC now

Breaking FIRST : Just SMS to Refresh your Dishtv VC now
time will tell who started this nonsense stuff, if he tell you his name by PM, i can wait for few hours before posting it here, ask him
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have no idea what is so interesting in Admin's Name of forum , you simply came here for fighting?
I guess the Admins should take strict action against members like you who are simply telling something which even they have no clue about.. you are simply in dreams about knowing the Admins name.. without knowing the correct details...

Lot of them before thought me as admin, then some blamed amatan.. now some one else.. better shut this crap ..
Thread going offtopic.

@Herohunk if you found the admin name then it is well and good you can send that as PM to members if you wish. Don't spoil this thread with some thing which no member other than you was interested. Thread closed.
Thanks to everyone and wish you all the best.

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