Kalaignar Asia from Measat 3/3A 91.5 East

Breaking NOW : Kalaignar Asia from Measat 3/3A 91.5 East
4001 H 30000
Kalaignar TV Asia

[Image: 2j35gcw.jpg]
[Image: 15wmr77.jpg]
[Image: e0iowp.jpg]
[Image: ygiyp.jpg]
Thanks to everyone and wish you all the best.
Wondering why they didnt add this channel in Intelsat17, which carries all/most kalaignar channels..??
how is the clarity compared to other kalaigner channels in intelsat 17 ? in the ss clarity look low
how many channels kalaignar tv has....so many channels. in this channel programes are different than that on intelsat 17?

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