MEDIA ONE GLOBAL feed on Intelsat 17

Breaking FIRST : MEDIA ONE GLOBAL feed on Intelsat 17
MEDIA ONE GLOBAL feed on Intelsat 17 on the frequency 4124 H 1680.

good update, so now feeds also on this sat
oh its just feed but other forum mentioned it as new channel and new frequency :lol::lol:
that is difference between Amatan and that person who jumps forums
He might not understand Malayalam so it is new for him.
Now the feed has left. So why not him create a thread telling the channel itself left from the new frequency? :lol:
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  • sriji
good update amatan bro, he should be ashamed thats why not opened new thread saying it left. He still has lot to learn from you guys here Smile He often keeps posting wrong informations and still members there blindly praise
I get praises in PM with daily atleast 2 to three PMs.

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