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Making low-cost, light-weight, portable C/Ku-band dish antenna
Dear friends,

Me and my Facebook friends are toying with the idea of making a semi-compact, low-cost, light-weight and portable 5 feet (152.4cm) C/Ku-band prime-focus antenna. This is primarily aimed at home or domestic users. It can be easily made and used by satellite / dth hobbyists and enthusiasts.

We will post the steps to make it, materials & tools needed, pics of complete assembled dish. Also we will review the signal strength/quality, performance of the antenna, limitations etc.

This will be handy to people who stay on rent as it can be dismantled easily and carried elsewhere or kept away packed. The reception will be quite decent almost comparable to professionally built system.
So keep watching... We will present this soon. (Thanks to all my friends who were fed up of devotional channels and inspired me to make this.)

The assembled reflector without the Stand/LNB arm will look like this:

[Image: wg7dm.jpg]

So Step 1: Calculating and Plotting of the Parabola.

My dish is 5 feet in diameter and it is prime focus. I am going to double the offset focus curve that I have plotted by using co-ordinates below.

Next: I will post the final curve plotted on a newspaper.

[Image: 388193_201120556639736_100002253792345_4...5054_n.jpg]

Step 2: Some more calculations for the intermediate points of the curve and the final plotting on a newspaper.

[Image: 377166_201242929960832_100002253792345_4...2927_n.jpg]

Plotting the curve on the x and y axes:
[Image: 374216_201243003294158_100002253792345_4...9099_n.jpg]

Join the points to form the final curve:
[Image: 374186_201242956627496_100002253792345_4...5978_n.jpg]

The full dish curve, LNB arm length, dish depth along with LNB placement

[Image: 377409_201566623261796_100002253792345_4...2110_n.jpg]

Next: Bending the Aluminium ribs along this curve.

Vinay K .........___/(>)))
Satellite Systems, Electronics & Cable TV Specialist

waiting to see more from you
Waiting for you to tell about bending. Interesting thread Smile
eager to see how u show the next steps cant wait post soon Smile
Vinay you are making suspense. Show us the next step. It is like giving ad break when interesting thing happens.

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