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Measat 3B
as u can see above picture the sat is circling a path so their is small difference in LATITUDE & ALTITUDE but its longitude is stable as it may be placed at this deg for testing purpose so that after testing the sat will be moved to its final resting position and it can be operational from that point of time

let's hope for the best
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Why they are testing at the position of 84.5 instead of 91.5?
may be because as 91.5 deg has 2 sat in that position so to test tp may be some duplication in frequency may arise due to
2 existing sat

so they chose a location close to parking place where that deg is free from any sat
could be , but what they might be testing? Need to find if we can get anything
they will check each system on board is it function properly or not and also check it is tp and the
coverage details by adjusting the antenna as per their clients requirement

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