My D2H UHD Box

My D2H UHD Box
Hi all, Finally I got my D2H UHD box yesterday and they activated UHD channel as well.

Now, coming to the UHD Channel. PQ is awesome and it is similar to the demo videos which we can watch in Show room displays. I am very much satisfied with the PQ of UHD channel. And also thejre is a small amount of PQ also increased in HD channels but not noticeable.

Right now they are still testing UHD channel, Audio is in stereo Only. And audio of HD channels is good through Optical out. But DDS is not coming through HDMI cable as before in HD box.

Remote is very sleek, with lithium battery And light weight.

Box software and interface is also good. No hanging and slow response problems.

Box is having optical out, HDMI out, stereo out and video out, 2USB PORTS. Box is also looking good And light weight
Images of UHD Box
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SS of UHD channel.
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Great, so finally you got it before world cup Smile And thanks for the review.

Box looks good, how is Menus and User Interface?
This 4K UHD Is on LCN 999?

If possible do get more pictures from Hd channels and post. Can see LAN port too to this box Smile
Congrats for the new UHD STB . Picture quality looks awesome.
enjoy .
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HD channel image.Will post more later.
Can you please once connect through Composite /AV . then check the PQ of SD,HD and UHD.
Sadly there is no Component option which gives better performance than AV.
Perhaps the size of STB is little larger compared to HD,SD STBs . I think that's why the power is needed of 3.17 Amps.
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component\composite is not needed when the LCD\LEDs got HDMI as it is just a redundant output port.
Those are SOS Options or if we want to use multiple outputs . if our HDMI Port or Cable get faulty then we has to use the alternative connections . LCD/LED also having those Composite and Component options.

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