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My D2H UHD Box
then either one is enough and it is not mandatory to include all the output port.
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For STB yes it's one extra is enough and i told it should be Component which gives better performance. i didn't told as STB Should have more than 1 extra outputs.
A TV is used for many inputs . a TV User every time can't remove HDMI cable from STB and connect the [for example] DVD player , he may use multiple DTH STB . or any other gadgets using Single TV. that's why LED/LCD have many input options like multiple HDMI , USB, Component, and others.
One more thing is every HD Box user doesn't have LED . their TV might not have HDMI. so they must use the alternative connection.if Component connect available in STB then every one can use either Composite or Component which ever available in their TV .
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little surprised to see that it has AV but not component though.
Every STB has to have a alternative options and have them too . otherwise the user might be one day in big trouble without having another option. You can see earlier RF too was there in STB. now latest TV doesn't have them. perhaps Sun Direct SD Samsung box is having Composite only. just confirm any one.
Yes Sun Direct Samsung HD stb has composite only. But it is disabled through Software.

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