My D2H UHD Box

My D2H UHD Box
Yesterday i made a blind scan and found D2H changed teh FEC of 2 TPs but didnt posted because i want some confirmation and checked again and it was restored . all gadgets have issues one way or other. softwares also issues ,bugs. we have to check them again . our brother aumnamonarayana has posted here as its confirmed D2H TP believing that thread. he knows some thing about TPs but blindly asked here to check that TP. isn't that Joke ?
aumnamonarayana brother sorry if my words hurt you. it was not my intentions to hurt you. You are a knowledged person so before posting or believing others informations please reconfirm atleast here by sending PM .
These are 2 Blind scan reports of yesterday and today . i am posting this to say that we have to reconfirm these changes before sharing .

[Image: qEXx9Qe.jpg]
[Image: JWJuTup.jpg]
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yes, mjbro, in excitement we tend to forgot to notice few things. it is all part of the life and nothing to be shamed of. this guidance would be a good one.
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No problem, it happens.. I hope i didnt say anything bad about others. We all are here to share.
One good thing is they changed the title once it was found to be wrong. It is always better if we all share and ask doubts. Now Dayag Annaiah also joined so we will have much better accuracy of information.
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Hi, I've received a msg on my mobile that there is OTA today's night and not to power off my 4K box.
oh, good they are even sending SMS about OTA.. thats what extra money does Big Grin
Great, so they added the OTA today morning itself . This might be the OTA.
5211 i am not sure if its for UHD box.anyway lets see what changes they are going to do
Yes i was too in doubt . first thought of OTA for UHD itself as it came today itself but 5211 made me to forget it. now after reading the post of Sree just a hint of doubt.

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