My D2H UHD Box

My D2H UHD Box
Yes they mentioned as OTA for 4K box.
(Thursday 12-February-2015, 21:37)Sree Wrote: Hi, I've received a msg on my mobile that there is OTA today's night and not to power off my 4K box.

Any noticeable changes?
but first ask if it is upgraded itself or not Smile
It's upgraded, but 2 changes only. 4K menu added in interface menu and font of the channel menu decreased to display full channel name.
When they first gave the stb was it locked for tp additions?
Perhaps there might not be that option of editing TP because as i look both D2H and Tatasky UHD box and Encryptions are same . only the outside box cover looked differant of logos and names of their DTH. even the promo contents too also same. now they changed the UI and other features of their DTH services. but can't say exactly.
Also it looks me the OTA yesterday added in TP is the same because OTA should be in TP for other new STBs. they can't add it every night . once the STB connected to the Signals the SW should be updated. otherwise users may not get the cricket content or they might watch free.
I have received a call from D2h officials and they enquired any software upgradation. previously there is no sound in Mosaic screen. Now they added sound to Mosaic menu through this OTA. I checked now. audio added.
They confirmed about the Software update because i think they are concerned about those issues i said in earlier post. the same might not happen in Tatasky UHD Box as they already using the NDS . or may be they too updated the SW before sending to dealers/installer technicians.

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