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My Dish TV SD STB Got Updated.
Is this box able to catch REN TV from Yamal 202 @49 and U Kanal from Express MD 1 @80 ? Both channels are good for adult programme.
Yesterday i was checking the new features after the update.In the installation menu there was an option called "Force Software Update'.It had two subdivisions-Forced EPG Update and Forced Firmware Update.I did forced firmware update.But for my bad luck the software rolled back to previous version i.e V4.47-1.34.But the i guide version remained same.But i am getting all changes that was there on V4.69-1.47 except few things like Editing of individual tp,two new option -System Setup and Forced Software Update that was available on new software was also removed.

[Image: iESoaIUwxKZ0M.JPG]
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Finally successful in updating it again manually.

[Image: ifbtFEYY0XcX7.JPG]
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In this what changed?
(Thursday 20-December-2012, 21:43)Amatan Wrote: In this what changed?

Its the same version i mentioned in first post Smile

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