My Ku Band and C Band Dish Setup

Breaking NOW : My Ku Band and C Band Dish Setup
Here are images of my Dish (es) setup , first time i am posting this images. As till now i have posted STB, LNBs but not much on dish setups.

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so 10 ku band dish and 2 c band dish

good collection dear
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yes for now using 10 KU Smile , still 3 ku are inside room
the small dish between the 2 big dish near to door is set up for which sat dear is it for 74/75 deg
that is on 64 East
Lots of dishes.
Great Setup @MJ broo

You are a inspiration to many others
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Lot of dishes..

Me have 4 dishes, for that itself the neighbors come and ask me whether I provide Cable TV connection.

For you didn't anybody ask?
Nice snaps bro. So many dishes, and how many STB's do you have.
seeing the Cband dishes they ask me also is it to give cable connections to others.. i say no it is for myself to watch Fta channels.

few days ago d2h technician came, he wanted to fix dish. I told no need i will fix later. He was telling that it should be done by experienced persons so that later if any rain or wind then signal will go and i will have to pay again for their visit and if anything broken then it will cost 300rs or more.. Just took him to terrace and showed these and he simply got shocked and then told his sales executive that they dont need to tell anything to me but instead can learn from me.

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