My Ku Band and C Band Dish Setup

Breaking NOW : My Ku Band and C Band Dish Setup
(Friday 22-August-2014, 22:23)Maveli Wrote: Nice snaps bro. So many dishes, and how many STB's do you have.

will count one day and tell .. as some of them are in loft

currently active are D2h (2), tatasky 2 , adtv 1 and dishtv 2
MJ I am upset with your post. Now some bhai sahab got jealous and he got so frustrated and went and bought an old Dish TV HD that too by paying 200 rupees more. He is now posting Dish HD stb images thinking no one has seen it and it is something new.

Even after these many years it is boring to see the old outdated STB and also posting some SS thinking those channels are also new. Now lot of bandwidth and time getting wasted because of this. No one can stop him.

You are to be blamed for all these things. I request you to please don't fix any more dishes and make him more mad/sad, at old age he dont want these things. He will again buy something else and will start postings lots and lots of images telling this is the bolt, this is the nut and this is the installer, this is spanner, this is driller, this is brick and this is that hole so on.
Good set up Mj is really looking like cable wala's Office.
(Friday 29-August-2014, 18:55)bhaskarkilli Wrote: Good set up Mj is really looking like cable wala's Office.

Why you said that Undecided Bhai will buy few more dth dishes to compete with MJ and few more threads with tons of photos SadSadSad
Wow....great set-up. You are doing wonders..
amazing set up bro.
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Nice setup MJ Bro. Smile
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is such systems available in india? i mean c band dish with actuator and positioner and works on command from the reciever. so i guess no need to worry about alignment can control the dish and surf satellites sitting inside house?
The actuator is not available locally and also the mounts. You need installer for this setup and also mounts have to be done locally. The above setup will easily cost 30k or more and it is waste of time and money as there only few satellites which we will watch and those can be received easily with just 2-3 LNBs.

For HD/English there are only few channels presently free to air. So it will be not worth. Most of the English channels you see are Christian preaching channels.
wow, so much cost difference compared to USA,it is 150$ for that dish +50$+75$ for the actuator and positioner. considering we can get cheaper dish here i didnt think it will cost that much

i saw in other forum thaicom fta hd channels like hbo hd, fox movies, fox premium, starworldhd. foxsports hdetc

do you think these will be there or just temporary before they are encrypted

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