My New ADTV HD+.....

Breaking NOW : My New ADTV HD+.....
Today bought ADTV HD+ New Connection... My HD STB has been activated but Dish will be fixed on Monday...  Connected the STB to my existing ADTV Dish [its for Scan purpose] .. also connected to my 50" LED HD TV... just checked Both SD and HD Channels and its performances..
HD Channel PQ is very good .. compared to TruHD and TS HD the PQ is as good as in Dish TruHD But 1 differance is the PQ Depth is light and cool in ADTV.. The Brightness in ADTV is more  than Dish TruHD channels.. if        user needs light Depth then ADTV .. if user needs heigh Depth then TruHD ... All depands on the user choice.. I want heigh Depth of Pictures .. so      preffer TruHD Channels..
The Audio in ADTV Channels is better than TS and Dish TV surely.. specially DD Sound is very good in ADTV  using Optical connection..
On SD Channels PQ in HD STB >>
Both ADTV and TruHD STB is giving good PQ than Tatasky surely ... Still i feel TruHD SD Channels r bit superior in HD STBs..
Some snaps ...

[Image: YTAJXxH.jpg]
[Image: 44EDb9U.jpg]
[Image: CBLjtJ6.jpg]

[Image: fMZzHU4.jpg]

[Image: cBDgx6w.jpg]
[Image: QIL6WZQ.jpg]
[Image: VqITGL0.jpg]
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KUMAR sir adtv provide less hd channel compare to tata sky but one thing sure adtv pq better than tata sky...
After addition lots of hd channel tata sky pq quality down little bit sure.
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Yes ADTV is having less HD Channels but i didnt took ADTV for HD Viewing .. after the free subscription i am downgrading to SD Channels only... Actually Tatasky SD PQ is good in SD STB.. I think bcoz of lot channels additions the PQ is not gone down but as i seen the PQ In TS HD STB is not good enough.. even connected by Composite .. in that i got very poor PQ.. Tatasky needs to do some thing to fix those issues.. may be the resolution effects the PQ in HD STB..
BTW is this STB model is latest ? the manufacturing month is Oct 2015.. as written in BOX..
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Thanks for clarification kumar sir
Congrats. But I think, not a gud buy, in d current scenario.
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Thanx for the wishes ...
Can u elaborate y this is not a good Buy ? As i said its for SD Channels my 2nd TV which is also having LED HD TV but smaller in size.. .. specially wants Kannada Regional channels... I always preffer HD STBs instead of SD STBs.. its bcoz these HD STBs gives me the freedom of selecting the HD Channels whenever needed for my 50" LED HD TV.. ..
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(Saturday 21-November-2015, 22:09)Nilu334 Wrote: Thanks for clarification kumar sir

U R Welcome bro... i wrote what i find in my TV ...  the settings r depanding on the viewers choice and comfort.. some may need light color,contrast and some need  dark colors and more contrast..
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ADTV is most expensive.
Offers less HD content.
Future of SES9 is uncertain.
PQ quality going down by the day.
(Sunday 22-November-2015, 15:20)cooler_hot Wrote: ADTV is most expensive.
Offers less HD content.
Future of SES9 is uncertain.
PQ quality going down by the day.

Well bro...     as i am wanting the minimum Regional channels then it doesnt matter much in as all other DTH is almost providing those channels in same price... Yes i have to look for that once decides for subscribing HD Channels ..
Agreed regarding the HD Channels count .. but u know i am not atall in the favour of the channels counts any time ..  Tongue Yes i am always looking for my favourite channels in DTH  but there r very less  favourite  channels for me...  Smile so no such worry surely for me..
Yes there may be more space crunch for ADTV in coming days but they will find a solution         sooner or later to counter those issues.. even RDTV and Sun Direct is now in more problems but they r still sustained in the competition .. even Tatasky comes out now ...
May be issues in PQ but not much now as i seen .... its still very good compared to few other players.. it may be even better earlier but i was not seen at that time...
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Congrats Bhat Sir. Seems like this Made in India HD+ STB of Airtel is bigger in size than the old Huawei HD+ STB's they had.

How much does it weigh sir?. Ols HD+ STB weighed 200 gms. Even wind made it rise from table
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