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Breaking NOW : My new Revelation RV-001 FTA HD PVR
Installation Menu
[Image: 2iq8mw.jpg]

Antenna Connection


[Image: 4rx7q1.jpg]

[Image: vcqng4.jpg]
Satellite List

Satellite List
[Image: av56aq.jpg]

Add Satellite
[Image: un14h.jpg]

Edit Satellite
[Image: 35c2wxx.jpg]


Antenna Setup
[Image: 1c4du.jpg]

Selection for Diseqc port
[Image: 2zz8av5.jpg]

[Image: 5eivf7.jpg]
[Image: fco1mp.jpg]

Motor Controls
[Image: 4h39qo.jpg]

Limit Setup
[Image: 28itili.jpg]

[Image: 2utsvo3.jpg]

Dish is now moving
[Image: vqpjbt.jpg]
dear lnb15k,how much was the cost for this it showing 3d channel from st1 satellit
I didnt check 3D channel but I guess it will show. Costed Rs.3000 Sad it was only Rs.2400 but Jenifas & Jenifas the shop where I bought cheated.

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