My new Tata sky HD+ Stb snaps

Today I am bought Tata Sky HD+ and I am very happy

HD Stb Pics

[Image: 39e537425684432fe0851ab33d6dbe6e.jpg]
[Image: e45b36603b08f13185843882d45f9d88.jpg]
[Image: f1f06df0cec97d6e9746a1b936db7a7e.jpg]
[Image: 8a89cc1ef73f99eac4cec66757aa8e79.jpg]
[Image: 6da71be24264a3bb07b0061d57409e1a.jpg]

Tata Sky Remote

[Image: ac32eaa875fc414da3e8036c206d9fe8.jpg]

HD Channels Snaps

[Image: b99c19d70ef7e889181581f9c67cb514.jpg]
[Image: 3b70b22434b7929e91e50fd93ab71225.jpg]
[Image: cbb819a7669b11a56d7e6adb118547c0.jpg]
[Image: fc59e181675d5eed549fb5294a4e2d0f.jpg]
[Image: 1da79421999fec55d5b89800cf4b0d7f.jpg]
[Image: 848a8019e2ea5a383122e7deab8193a9.jpg]
[Image: 9b71202b151dc5ab78079261293967f1.jpg]
[Image: fece0e9f809fcbd6dd409a5539007f93.jpg]
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Good.. Enjoy bro
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(Monday 09-January-2017, 18:44)MJ786 Wrote: Good.. Enjoy bro
Thanks Sir
Few More channels snaps

[Image: d12b13cad46c124a167158bc74e3dce2.jpg]
[Image: a28edde483f3702e48a6c502b1c947d7.jpg]
[Image: 4e5e6cdc89b15d3ad4a6a68df0c47d89.jpg]
[Image: b9050ef2bf2f64ffd7b3c94266e54f3d.jpg]
[Image: ab4060033a7e885b8d6944fa020ac82a.jpg]
[Image: dec45ccd2936e8c747b294d88129d96e.jpg]
[Image: 7b01b76d30661bcf005215fe91b7594b.jpg][Image: fd8abb74a12d0fd62802d20e08e470c4.jpg]
[Image: b2936874d649420e601d713d72e3a6b5.jpg]
[Image: f7df73e4964f66cdee6d1516a80a1eec.jpg]

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