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NGC to air ‘Killing Jesus’ on 3 April at 8 pm
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MUMBAI: Infotainment broadcaster National Geographic Channel (NGC) will air a documentary on 3 April at 8 pm which will chart the intense political, social and historical conflicts that led to the execution of one of history’s most well-known men, Jesus Christ. Killing_Jesus_coverMore than 2.2 billion people around the globe follow the teachings and principles of Jesus of Nazareth. But the intimate historical details of his life and the political collusions that led to his brutal demise bring new context to the familiar story. To this day, the body of Jesus of Nazareth has never been found. Combining cinematography with intimate storytelling, the three-hour special produced by Scott Free Productions and based on the New York Times best-selling book by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard, will dive deep inside the historical story of how a man whose messages and preaching led to his persecution and execution by a group of conspirators who saw him as a threat to their power. National Geographic Channel puts familiar Biblical characters under a new lens to give them layers of meaning rarely explored before. Leading the cast are Kelsey Grammer as King Herod, the unrelenting and ambitious Roman king of Judea, who attempted to kill Jesus at his birth, and Stephen Moyer as Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor who ordered Jesus’ crucifixion. Haaz Sleiman portrays the title character Jesus, with Rufus Sewell as Caiaphas, high priest of Jerusalem and conspirator in Jesus’ death.
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