Naaptol Kannada started from IS20 @68.5°E..

DTHHELP Xclusive Naaptol Kannada started from IS20 @68.5°E..
Naaptol Kannada started from IS20 ..

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finally something on Khushi slot to give khushi to kannada viewers.
2Days ago my relative recieved empty powerbank box  ..he bought Powerbank online from Snapdeal.. any way they assured of refund.. so now adays more fraud from sellers and these onlinebuyers has take more care in choosing sellers...
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Fraud is there for a long time. We need to see the seller ratings when we buy. It will help us to some extent but not fully. Even in shops they wont open the pack and we mostly might take it to house before opening. If something similar it is even harder to get refund or replaced if we took the item from big shops.

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