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New Channels will be added on 1st Feb
(Wednesday 28-January-2015, 17:58)aumnamonarayana Wrote: MJ Bro, Tata Sky is vacating Insat 4A and Dayag Bro all the news i have shared are the info i got fom various sources.people. GSAT10 was a true news but it was Tata Sky which declined to use it later, ABS2 was a guess and i was just giving my comments about the possibilities , regarding Asiasat well again i am not sure as this inf has been given by a person who claims to be a dealer in another forum and only trackers like u can give the confirmation

Now i am totally satisfied with you as our this comment of yours is very much genuine.
Once i get a information of TP details then i will track by turning my any of Dish.
(Wednesday 28-January-2015, 18:04)aumnamonarayana Wrote: They are ar 105.5 degree east

The same MJ tried. Still no tracker got signals in their 13th TP 11320 H 27500. Perhaps Tatasky will add those TPs first in their Network. there are possibilities of we can't get any signals while testing .
yes that time i was on terrace trying that 105 and talking with sats Big Grin , none of them also had any info about tatasky whereabouts after insat 4a
By the way have you tried 11320 H 27500 in AS7 ?
as as7/as8 do not have any ku tp for india so little problem to track that sat without knowing tp info

i do not think they will add 11320 H 27500 tp in asiasat 7/8 , they will added sr around 44000 -45000 as test

just wait for some more days , may be by feb first week they may start testing new tps

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