New Promo Channel -Zyada TV Kam Dam Added

Breaking FIRST : New Promo Channel -Zyada TV Kam Dam Added
A new promo channel named Zyada TV Kam Dam has been added on LCN 213.Its currently showing a blank screen.
[Image: 2z541hg.jpg]

For complete content of the channel Pl check
Now it has been shifted to Channel No: 996

[Image: 2cfw609.jpg]
This promo channel has been removed now.
The Promo Channel is added again

[Image: 2d0cjg7.jpg]
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Why this dish tv running same crap ads in many channels? Already one channel is dedicated for this. Lot of useless things like ICICI and now one more added.
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It has been renamed as 'Life Time Value' channel. As of now content is the same. We have to see whether different content will be shown shortly

[Image: rtojue.jpg]
This channel is now removed.
Its now again added back.
no one cares for this channel and most of them dont look at it

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