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DTHHELP Xclusive New TP Found from Measat 91.5*E
One new tp found while scaning 91.5*E . this looks like a feeds tp .also maybe from new satelitte Mesat 3B.
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1) DTV3 () 11088, V, 1200 83% Astra

[Image: OQGhebw.jpg]

This is not from Insat 4B as DD FD Have 11110 V & 11070 V
Now signal is there or gone? It showed me signal for few second but then when scanned it started saying no singal
Presently no signal. this because it's a feeds channel. you know it becomes active during feeds .
we have to wait for the feeds.
Perhaps the first signs of new Satelitte Mesat 3B.
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yes hope so, my dish is more towards 91 than 93 and dd freedish signals dont come to me much. But as this tp signals were showing to me even i think it might have been from 91 only
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It should be from 91.5 itself . It can't be from 93.5 because Already having 11110 V and 11070 V . so no chance from that orbit surely.

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