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New Tp added on DD FreeDish
right now DD freedish has 110 channels with 77 TV and 33 Radios after today's Test channels
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  • sriji
77 tv channels not radio

total count will go to 112 tv channel after convertion to mpeg4

most probably 11490 tp will be converted to mpeg4
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Mostly the existing sun HD tp will be added to DD FD .
no this sundirect hd tp will not be add to dd free dish currently ,

it will take some more time as this is currently used my sundirect and tps from measat 3b not yet given to sundirect to

it will take around 3 more month time to release this tp to isro
Any chance for more Malayalam & Tamil channels in DD FREEDISH ?
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  • gapa
(Tuesday 02-December-2014, 18:52)MJ786 Wrote: Its DVB S2 frequency with Bitrate of 53Mbits
Anyone remember if this was being used by Sun Direct before satellite failure forced them to vacate?

Yes , it was used by SUN Direct before satellite failure , but Symbol rate is 27500

Frequency: 11110 V Symbol Rate: 27500 FEC: 3/4
It was Home tp at that time as I remember. It was DVB S
Are the tp power restored?
nice update...
Dayag being a newbie knows all the satellite updates very much.
(Thursday 04-December-2014, 17:40)technoglitch Wrote: Dayag being a newbie knows all the satellite updates very much.

I know something about satelitte field. in Kerala the c band dishes are very popular. but i am new to pci . once got to know then it's easy . i was not in forums but i was reading them from few months to get informations.

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