New Transponder activated by D2H....

DTHHELP Xclusive New Transponder activated by D2H....
videcon had 540 Mhz as for 54Mhz tp then 54x10 =540 (10 tps)
for 36Mhz tp then 36x15 =540 (15 tps)
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They have 10 54 Mhz TPs and few had posted some informationsin Pictures/tables of other DTH too from i think ISRO site showed as D2H has got 15 54Mhz TPs ... then came the news of D2H asking for 2 36 Mhz TPs... that was confused me...
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@Anil can u give me the new allocations link ? i found old one but not the other one... many analized those as 15 54 Mhz TP itself ..
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videcon has 540 Mhz which can be if used for 36 Mhz tp then 15 tp can be created but st2 has 54 Mhz tp so they are using 54 Mhz tp so 10 tp of 54 Mhz

but now as more 54 Mhz is not available from st2 for now they can added more tp from 36 Mhz tp only

for which they applied for 2 tp recently which is now allocated to them
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Right .... thats the reality u and few of us know it... but.... Tongue
I leave it... Big Grin
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Big Grin

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