New Transponder added in Dish TV from SES8.

DTHHELP Xclusive New Transponder added in Dish TV from SES8.
(Thursday 01-October-2015, 19:07)MJ786 Wrote: Its Dish tv , it can fill more Smile

already it has 28 /29 channels on TPs with lesser Symbol Rates , so 30 is possible with this in just DVB S mode.. if they move to DVB S2 then few more
In 40700 itself there r more than 35 Channels for Dish Lanka from SES 8 .. so I am expecting may be more than 40 channels..
11990 H 43000 have 40 channels..
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yes that tp 11990 H 43000 is mpeg4 , but others are mpeg2 and have 35 as u said
Actually they r not much in worry about SD PQ Big Grin ..
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