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Breaking NOW : On Demand TV from Airtel Digital tv
Here are some main FAQ of On Demand TV

1. What is airtel digital TV On Demand?
We have launched a Unique product "on demand TV"- wherein a customer - who has both airtel DTH and a broadband connection - shall now be able to:
- Watch movies, tele-serials, sitcoms etc. “on-demand” – i.e. no defined start/end time!
- Simply browse video library (300+ titles), select, download & start watching as per convenience (Pause, Rewind, fast-forward etc)

2. What are the minimum requirements for the service?
- A broadband connection preferably at least 2mpbs
- Broadband modem needs to have a free port available to be able to connect a Ethernet cable from the broadband modem to STB
- airtel digital TV [HD] Recorder or airtel digital TV Recorder or airtel digital TV HD+

3. Can I see trailers of movies?
Yes, trailers for most movies are available so you can preview the movie before choosing to buy. Trailers can be watched in quarter window only.

4. Are there any download charges?
Yes, you would need to incur downloading changes as per your ISP, even for airtel broadband.

5. When will a video expire?
Videos are valid for 24 hours. After purchase, the customer has 24 hours to download and watch a video.

6. Can I download multiple videos at a time?
The customer can choose multiple videos for download but the videos will be downloaded one by one. The customer can set the priority of downloads and move the videos up/down the queue. At any time, there can be a maximum schedule of 10 videos: 9 in queue and 1 for download.

7. Will the video be in Standard Definition (SD) or High Definition (HD) format?
Currently we support only Standard Definition format because High Definition videos require very high bandwidth. At a later date, we may introduce HD channels on popular demand.



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