Options for Existing HD Users of Dish tru HD

Breaking NOW : Options for Existing HD Users of Dish tru HD
Here is options of Dish tv HD users , they can stay with same pack with increased cost or move to new packages

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Now this is called Freedom of choice

Excellent Move from Dishtv
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now i am on southhdworld with alacarte hboadfree 99, starworld premier 60 history hd 70 and the hd superstar at 20rs added today
there is also a child connection at 250rs

the above alacarte channels wont come in any of the new packs, so does it make sense to change to any of the new packs like sd+hd full on option? give me your expert opinion
What are the channels you watch mostly in south hd world pack.. SD and HD version.. then we can see
would like to have maximum real hd channels, now i am only missing discovery hd , travelxp and sony pix i think

I mostly watch the hd alacarte channels mentioned above plus starworld, starmovies, those alacarte arenot coming on any of the packs so no point in discussing
Wife watches starplus HD , starsports hd is free across all packs right? other sport hd channels only required when there is an event , now need star hd for ind vs eng

sd channels i do not care much, for sd some major news channels and malayalam complete pack will be enough

child connection is only used for pogo and cartoon network plus starplus and malayalam channels donot even really need hd because it is a 32" but i hardly see much saving. 200rs sd vs 250rs for hd
even if i seperate it as from parent need 210rs for getting the pogo and cartoon so 250rsHD child seems better option
yes star sports HD channels are there in all HD packs,

If you do not watch SD much then you can go with Jumbo Family 185rs + 200rs full HD addon
then add those HBO HD ala carte and star world preimere Hd, History HD, South superstar HD, Romedy now HD

so 385+99+70+20+60+30 (romedy now hd u didnt mention last time,maybe u didnt subscribe) = 664 with Romedy now HD

Previously you had 399 old but now 429 HD world + 99+60+70+20 =678 (without Romedy Now Hd)

anyway still work it out , maybe some mistakes might happen in my calculation
not much difference in cost also what will happen to the child connection then? will it be jumbofamily ? then pogo not there also only ndtv as news so i guess i just keep what i have now
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oh without Pogo, i dont think it will be wise to go for that pack as chota Bheem will get annoyed Smile
child connection with HD will cost you 250rs
Family sports will cost you 25rs more, so you can go for it and it will also give you Discovery HD, Travel xp hd, sony pix HD which you wont get in HD World pack.

you can still work out, if any queries you can ask
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yes pogo is the most important channel if it is not there he wont let me to watch any of these, will it be possible to add it as alacarte then i can take the 185 pack
i asked them to change to familysports sd +full on hd addon
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