Options for Existing HD Users of Dish tru HD

Breaking NOW : Options for Existing HD Users of Dish tru HD
yes u are right. it is a website error. 200rs is the price for full on hd. the cc just now asked me to wait for 4hours (not the usual 15minutes)and they said it may work. they are not sure though .Clearly they have some issues
(Thursday 14-August-2014, 12:19)MJ786 Wrote: Jumbo family is showing 385rs why? maybe it is including the 200 child in that and thats why 185+200..

anyway see this total cost if u want to go for jumbo family (just for example as anyhow dont want this pack)

yesterday night i called and changed to familysports 210rs +200rs full on hd package changed but i lost all the hd channels except alacarte, tried different executives but they couldnot fix it yesterday

now called again and told them to change back to my old south hd world because now i am not getting any hd channels after some effort they activated the full on hd finally but now the family sports wont work , i got irritated and asked them to put on the 240rs all sports,that worked

so the combination of familysports+full on hd doesnot work as of now. 185rs jumbo family +fullonhd works and 240rs all sports+fullonhhd works too

allsports 240rs the only extra thing is i get the sd version of starsports channel righti already have the hdversion
so i need to change back to the 210rs later when they fix this problem otherwise it is just wastes 30rs
for now extra 30rs but you are getting extra HD also in it , once they add that family sports properly the you can shift to it.

Compared to Southworld HD... now i think you will get TLC HD, Discovery HD, Travel Xp HD , Pix HD. & Pictures HD and discovery science HD (upscaled right now)
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could you please explain this
now extra 30rs but you are getting extra HD also in it

how would taking the base sd pack allsports 240rs instead of familysports 210rs will get extra hd channels?
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no i am not talking about sd packs.. but in general compared to HD world, are you not getting more HD channels.? as now it is full On HD
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ok, i thought you are talking about the 30rs increase between sd base pack family sports vs allsports because that is the one i was talking about above . compared to familysports 210 allsports 240rs only gets me the sd version of starsports channels nothing else so i think it is waste since i have hd version anyway

yes you are right. compared to old hdworld the new scheme get me more hd channels at less overall cost that is why i did this.
only problem is now only get only one english news ndtv, earlier one can get on request cnn ibn

I think earlier one need to subscribe to the royale pack to get the all hd channels now on full on hd 200

Also i really was not using the hd channels in the dish child connection(this connection is for my childBig Grin) so saves a 50rs there with new scheme . son only watches pogo and cartoon n/w earlier he only watched babytv. now grown up a bit so he dont watch it

i use that money to subscribe to all news alacarte now gets cnn intl, bbc etc. old hdworld didnt have these .greedy guys at dish, when one pays close to 1000rs atleast they should give these basic sd news channels free.This is the only alacarte (all news@ 50)
i think overpriced

so overall good scheme. I was just thinking of going to d2h because of lack of starsports HD,sun music hd etc and the package issues.Just in time dish guys woke up and did this
D2H packaging has now gone bad like Dishtv had before.. now they started 50% HD access for Multi also
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dishtv systems are a going crazy. suddenly lost hd alacarte channels, news alacarte etc when called they are not able to activate. tried different cc guys they say it is done but nothing happens

also i am on full on hd only on parent
now started getting the full on hd on child connection too , it was not there earlier. It is ok if they dont charge me
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See your account details. Mostly they might have wrongly enabled HD (confused CC) which will be charged.
after several calls they fixed it ,i got the channels back but i still get the full on hd on child connection but from the recharge date it doesnot seem i am being charged. or if the parent has full on hd addon will the child connection gets the same for free?
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