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Breaking NOW : Parameters of 6 Active Vertical Transponders of Tatasky..
Presently 6 Vertical Transponders r active and having signals.. but no channels in the Transponders..

  1. 10970,V,32000,56,S2,8PSK
  2. 11130,V,32000,34,S2,8PSK
  3. 11510,V,32000,56,S2,8PSK
  4. 11550,V,32000,34,S2,8PSK
  5. 11590,V,32000,56,S2,8PSK
  6. 11630,V,32000,56,S2,8PSK
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Great News Kumar Sir. I guess signal quality must be very low right now on these V TP's
Yes presently signals r low.. once they decide to shift to those transponders then the signals will be fine...
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In my opinion, we r already getting signals from Gsat10 H Polarity and these V Polarity would be additional TP's.
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  • Md masoom
No way..GSAT 10 doesnt have Horizontal Transponders.. so forget it .. Most likely they r shifting to Gsat 10 .. thats y Vertical Transponders in active mode...
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They r using frequency re-use method. So GSat10 has H and V Tp's now. Even TS cust care is confirming that they have 24 Tp's and migrated ti GSat in may
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  • gapa, Md masoom
No comments.. Big Grin
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11470 is also waking up slowly now
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  • deepthi
So this confirms that they r shifting/migrating to Gsat 10.. no DTH will activate all Transponders at once surely for additions..
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Kumar Sir, u may be right. As i told that it is my guess/opinion and i am not sure. Let us wait n watch

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