Parameters of 6 Active Vertical Transponders of Tatasky..

Breaking NOW : Parameters of 6 Active Vertical Transponders of Tatasky..
Bhaiya, koi aur kaam bhi kar liya karo. Sirf buraaiyaa hi dikhti hai mere mein. At least contribute in a productive manner to any forum u r a part of. Also don't use dupe id's, come out with the real true self
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Now signal down on most V tp's barring 11130 V, 10970 V and 11550 V
No such things surely... Either in C Band or in KU band there will not be same signals whole day... it differs according to weather .. it applies to all Sats in the whole world... i am not telling according to my calculations but experiance and the actual fact..
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Well We all Contribute to this Forum in d Productive manner except Aumnanonarayan who contributes to each n every forum in d Most Bizzare Manner n i.e. Speculative. Whatever bizzare things comes to his mind he just posts in forums saying he has proof.
We all know very well that Tatasky have only 8-12 Tp's on Gssat-10 but Aumnanonarayan in his ivory world believes dey r having 24 Tp's. Also he is Arguing continuously without Facts in most Bizzare manner as always.
11170 V also active now
Its not true... i think its a guess only.. i have checked all day but didnt get any signals...
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I feel tata sky will shift all HD chs to GSat Tp's
I said it few days ago itself ... Tongue
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Now V signals r very strong specially on 11550 V

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