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Breaking NOW : Parameters of 6 Active Vertical Transponders of Tatasky..
Look this is just now taken from EPIC Channel which is in 11550 H Transponder.. the STB shows Signal Strength full but actually its not ..
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  • deepthi
(Monday 30-November-2015, 13:52)aumnamonarayana Wrote: Signal Quality info is precise in all tata sky stb's. Signal Strength is what varies in diff tata sky stb's according to software. Sir ii know these things which is why i m telling u. I have 3 diff stb's, HD/Hd+/SD and have checked signal quality of each tp on every stb type. Readings rsame for quality, strengths differ

Dear i have 4 STB s with me , Tatasky HD STB, Dish TruHD STB, ADTV HD STB .. which r active and Sun Direct SD STB, also used RDTV and knows about it..
I am using DTH since 2004 itself .. barring D2H used all DTH..
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Sir, i also have knowledge about this which is why i m telling u. Let someone other post pics
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  • gapa
Also r u using Disec Switch to get signals from all Dishes to ur TV?
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  • deepthi, gapa
(Monday 30-November-2015, 13:27)aumnamonarayana Wrote: PID allocation means what Amantan bro
Also what is MAC and what does it signify?

Taken from Wikipedia

MPE uses MPEG-2 Private Table sections to carry the user datagrams. The section header is used to convey:MAC addresses from 1 to 6 bytes length may be used. The format of MPEG-2 DSM-CC sections happens to be compatible with DVB MPE.
(Monday 30-November-2015, 13:35)Mr.Kumarbhai Wrote: For me i didnt get 11170 V ... dont know u got it or not ..
We all 3 didnt got that Transponder...

Checked now I am also not getting this TP.
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  • gapa, Md masoom, sriji, subhajitadak
This will be little clearler copy paste :

  MAC: Medium Access and Control.  The link layer header of the
  Ethernet IEEE 802 standard of protocols, consisting of a 6B
  destination address, 6B source address, and 2B type field (see also

  MPE: Multiprotocol Encapsulation [ETSI-DAT, ATSC-DAT, ATSC-DATG].  A
  scheme that encapsulates PDUs, forming a DSM-CC Table Section.  Each
  Section is sent in a series of TS Packets using a single TS Logical

  PID: Packet Identifier [ISO-MPEG].  A 13 bit field carried in the
  header of TS Packets.  This is used to identify the TS Logical
  Channel to which a TS Packet belongs [ISO-MPEG].  The TS Packets
  forming the parts of a Table Section, PES, or other Payload Unit must
  all carry the same PID value.  The all 1s PID value indicates a Null
  TS Packet introduced to maintain a constant bit rate of a TS
  Multiplex.  There is no required relationship between the PID values
  used for TS Logical Channels transmitted using different TS
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  • Md masoom, sriji
11130 V 32000 PIDs added now.
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  • gapa, Md masoom, sriji
Awesome info Amantan bro
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  • gapa, sriji
How many PID's have been added Amantan bro?

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