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Breaking NOW : Parameters of 6 Active Vertical Transponders of Tatasky..
(Monday 02-November-2015, 09:19)Mr.Kumarbhai Wrote:
(Monday 02-November-2015, 09:15)aumnamonarayana Wrote: Once u get highest signal quality in home tp then u will get max signal in other tp's too. My dish alignment and lnb skew r perfect.

LNB Skew is at -10.9.

Dear i am tracking Sats from many years and know a bit on this surely... there r many things to get perfect signals even in KU band Dish too...         Getting 100% signal in Home TP is not enough surely..Home Transponder is always the strongest   ...
For example in RDTV we can get 100% signal in Home TP but its most of the time we r not getting signals in HD TP or full signals .. so we have to align according to the HD TP signals..

yes 100% true  kumarsir  , i as know  rdtv even u get 100 % in home tp the last tp and the hd tp  will some times no signal
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(Monday 02-November-2015, 09:23)aumnamonarayana Wrote: Also it changes for same satellite in different regions. I also know what i am writing about and have enough knowledge

What Kumarbhai told is correct. You can check with any satellite. Skew has to be changed for some tps. In Dish TV even alignment has to be adjusted to get good signals for all its tps just from NSS 6. Measat as he already mentioned skew has to be adjusted. In Insat also similar. Thaico, Intelsat etc., on C band even worse where we won't even get half the tps not even hint of signal on them and full signal on other tps!

It is more like compromise of getting all tps with acceptable signal vs full signal of a particular tp.
So which is why i am saying that i have proper alignment and skew. I m getting max signal possible in all tp's
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(Monday 02-November-2015, 08:37)aumnamonarayana Wrote: Let us see if they will switch off H tp's or not. If they switch it off after activating all V tp's then i guess that will be bcoz they were waiting for all dishes to be aligned properly as V tp's require proper lnb skew while H tp's still work even if its little off

H or V is just the way signal propagates. It does not mean that H has more tolerance to error in skew than V. What Kumarbhai is telling as it is not exactly 90 degrees phase between H & V as per theory. There will be difference even if it was from same satellite. But now it is from another satellite Gsat, the phase might be different even more.

So unless we skew the LNB for V we will not be knowing the exact signal level of that tp. Also generally not all satellites gives same power.

I know why you are getting reduced H signal when V tps are active.
(Monday 02-November-2015, 09:56)aumnamonarayana Wrote: So which is why i am saying that i have proper alignment and skew. I m getting max signal possible in all tp's

You are not having proper alignment and that is why when V is active your H signal reduces.

Out phase signals cancel each other which is what happening for you.
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